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This is Alexis and Ja'Nae and we are MyNubianQueens!

MyNubianQueens Shea Butter ​started long before the decision to ever sell any product. We fell in love with the way raw African Shea Butter moisturizes the skin after being introduced to it by a shop near our college campus. After a few years of using that raw Shea Butter, trying whipped Shea Butter from other businesses and learning more about the overall benefits, Shea Butter became the primary product we use to moisturize our body. 

 Raw Shea Butter is very thick therefore it takes some time to warm up enough to lather the body and it can leave a slightly oily finish on the skin. In the summer this became a major concern as the thickness of the Shea Butter makes you hotter as it leaves a thin layer on the skin. To rectify the thickness issue we started to experiment with mixing in natural oils to make the Shea Butter easier to use and less thick. After trial and error we found the perfect consistency that can be used in the winter and the summer with no problem!

We started gifting this product to our friends and family who loved it just as much as we did! We got testimonials about how it helped the skin on their feet, helped with their eczema, and made their skin very smooth. This inspired us to share our product on a larger scale  to showcase the beauty of Shea Butter and the wonders it can do for skin! 

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